The Death Of The King

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“Neither do we, for that matter.” Raymond interrupted. The king narrowed his eyes at him and continued, “Like I said, the Gold Kingdom does not want him. It is odd for them to give up their heirs that easily. They basically just dumped him on us. The way the King and Queen speak of him, he might as well have joined the Diamond Order.” My father sighs and looked at my brother, who started to speak. “We were thinking about poisoning the food, to get rid of the threat of being spied on by the Gold Kingdom.” Raymond looked at me with hopeful eyes. “You let me spare him in the arena, and now you want to kill him? Has all this time we spent nurturing him back to health been for nothing?” I asked. The King sighed, “We didn’t let you spare him, …show more content…

Jax scrapes his teeth together and nods briefly. “Flashy won’t win battles.” He growls. I sigh and look at him. He doesn’t dare meet my eyes. “You should have prevented this,” he snarls, “If you just cared about me-” I want to fight back, but I don 't. Jax and I were never supposed to meet, let alone be friends. “I do care about you, Jax.” I turn to him and narrow my eyes. “And I’ll prove it to you.” “Too late, Silver Princess.” He grabs his sword and trudges into another room. The door shuts behind him, and I can’t hear anything. I close my eyes and sigh. Jax is going to die, and it’s my fault. My breathing hitches, and I swallow down whatever was in my throat. A tear breaks through my eye before I can stop it. I wipe it away and continue on. Nobody must see this side of me. Raymond and my father are waiting for me at the entrance of our balcony. I stand straight up and walk over to them. Raymond is holding my crown and a coat in his paws. I gratefully take them. I slip on my coat and put on my crown. Raymond nods at me and walks up the stairs. I follow close behind him. My muscles still ache, but I push through. The balcony was boring. My father had a leopard skin throne with one large gem above it. It was his greatest kill. His own father. My father’s crown had every gem of his dead victims. My brother has seven gems on his crown and I only have three. I sit down on my leather throne and look down into the arena. Bolt is standing on one

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