The Death Penalty : The History

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The Death Penalty: The History
Death is said to be the worst punishment one can obtain. The law has been made in a way that the ultimate worst punishment one can receive is the death penalty. The action of killing others in the name of the law has been around since before 1000 BC and is still around to this day. There was a time when any crime committed would result in your death, whether you stole 4 pence or you murdered your neighbour. As time went on, the laws have become more just, allowing only those who has committed a terrible crime to be put to death or even abolishing the death penalty altogether depending on the location. Historically the abolishment or diminishment of the death penalty proved to be much more successful. In the …show more content…

Another large set of laws that was used and has now influenced law in our day is The Draconian Law written in 7th century Greece. This set of laws made almost every crime punishable by death. According to Kenny Sarisky from California State University, in 11th century England they didn 't have any sort of containment facilities so they would use death as a way to solve all crimes. They would hold trials but they weren’t just in any way. They would make the convicted criminals perform tasks such as hold a burning hot lead rod then bandage their wounds, if three days later their wounds were infected then they would be killed. Petty criminals were sentenced to death as well, one record was of a man who stole 4 pence in 1278 who was killed. Depending on what crime they committed or what class in society they were, criminals would suffer different deaths. For the lower class they would get hung because it was considered the most demeaning (Sarisky). Most women would be burned at the stake for their crimes although only 10% of criminal cases in Europe were women (McGlynn). The main crime committed by woman was infanticide which was the act of killing your own child. Often they would kill their daughters because families prefered having sons. Dead bodies or severed body parts of the criminals who received the death penalty would sometimes become toys for the children who would kick them around or beat

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