The Death Penalty, Then And Now

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The Death Penalty, Then and Now
Dave Rosado

Barry University
PUB 408
Dr. S. Sussman


This paper will briefly cover the world history of the use of the death penalty as well as its current use in the United States of America. The paper will discuss the statistics of how often the death penalty is utilized as a sentence for capital crimes as well as the time a convicted person spends awaiting the death penalty to be imposed. This paper will utilize research from published sources. This paper will also review current death penalty issues are the occurring in our court systems today.

As modern societies attempt to both deter and punish criminal activity, a deeply debated issue is the use of the death penalty as a possible sentence for certain crimes. This punishment has been debated amongst a diverse population not only in the United States of America but, throughout the world. Many countries allow the death penalty while others frown upon it. Today, 32 states have statutes authorizing a death penalty sentence for limited capital crimes.
To first understand the concept of the death penalty, one must first understand the history behind the death penalty. The death penalty can trace its origins to biblical times in Babylon. The Code of King Hammurabi allowed a death penalty sentence for people convicted of 25 different crimes. The death penalty can also be found in the Hittite Code for the Fourteenth Century B.C., as well as

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