The Deaths Of The United Kingdom

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In England, there is an approximately half a million people who are dying every year. Of this amount, about two-thirds are seventy-five years and above. These deaths are caused by mainly old age related ailments and other chronic diseases like heart attack, stroke, dementia and respiratory diseases. This data is as gathered by the National Health Service (NHS), which constitutes four of the health care systems that is publicly funded in the United Kingdom. Of the deaths mentioned previously, the highest number of 58% occurs mostly in the NHS hospitals. The rest occur at home, caregiving institutions, hospices and other areas (Gray, 2011).
Today, issues in regard to death are not discussed or are barely discussed. However, each and every individual has their own view of how death should occur, and that would be, death that is not painful and in the presence of a dear one or loved ones so to say. As it may be the case, some individuals die as they would have wanted, and on the other hand others do not. Those that do not may have gone through uncalled for tremor. In a survey carried out by the NHS, about 43% of those people that had lost loved ones indicated that the care rendered to their loved ones at the end of their lives was marvelous while 24% indicated that the care to their loved ones at their end of life was not exceptional or good for that matter (Health, 2013).
The care rendered to those going through their end of life phase is an indication of how well…

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