Hospice : Rough Draft Of A Terminally Ill Person 's Life

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Travis Kimmick
Professor Dean
English 100
21 February 2017
Hospice - Rough Draft At some point in a terminally ill person 's life, there comes a time when all treatment options have been exhausted, and patient comfort is the number one priority. During this process, hospice care comes into play to ensure quality of life of a patient. Pain management and supportive services are provided to anyone who is willing by Medicare, and other government assistance programs, for individuals and families that cannot afford private home care. These services are provided by a trained group of professionals, including; Doctors, Nurses, Counselors, Social workers, Physical therapists, Volunteers and Chaplains. There are different types of hospice …show more content…

Routine home care is the first level of hospice care that is designed to let the patient have access to medical services in the comfort of their own home. This level of care is available when a patient 's condition or illness does not require around the clock support from a doctor or registered nurse. Although the patient is terminally ill, there pain and comfort level can be managed by family or friends. Many supportive options can be used by the patient and their family at this stage to ensure quality of life. A religious representative or chaplain may make regular visits to the home and offer “spiritual guidance”. Social workers assist families in many ways during hospice care, some examples include; helping to find community and nonprofit organizations (support groups, meal assistance, etc), assistance with insurance issues and funeral planning or other end of life decisions. Nurses and physicians help to educate family members on pain management and keeping their loved ones comfortable. During this stage of hospice, a nurse makes regular scheduled visits and does not “stay” with the patient 24 hours a day. Medical equipment such as a special bed or other assistance items are supplied to the hospice patient as well as medications and special support services. With the ultimate goal of keeping the patient in their own comfort, not going back

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