Essay about The Debate Concerning Wikipedia: Is Wikipedia Quotable?

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Wikipedia has been the subject of considerable debate for some time now. Some think the site is not quotable, while others argue that it is. Many teachers do not accept Wikipedia pages as a source of information, because anybody can add information to such pages. However, this policy of everybody being able to add has changed, and the present-day Wikipedia team works hard to prevent inaccuracies on their website. Wikipedia pages nowadays indicate the sources of information. Moreover, Wikipedia pages are checked on inaccuracies. Furthermore, Wikipedia is more up-to-date than any encyclopaedia in book form. Additionally, Wikipedia covers more topics than a regular encyclopaedia. Wikipedia is therefore a useful source of information.
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Nowadays, a page is checked several times a day. For example, the article on London was last checked on the ninth of March at 14.12, while right now it is the ninth of March 18.15 (“London” par 13). Additionally, a Wikipedia page can be put under Protection Mode, preventing somebody to add inaccurate information (“Wikipedia: Protection” par 1). There are four different kinds of protection, each one to a different degree: full protection, semi-protection, creation protection, and move protection (“Wikipedia: Protection” par 1). Moreover, according to the BBC, a survey of the British journal Nature showed that Wikipedia is as accurate as the Encyclopaedia Britannica (“Wikipedia survives” par 1). In the survey, scientific entries on Wikipedia as well as the Encyclopaedia Britannica were anonymously checked on errors by peer reviewers. In each encyclopaedia the reviewers found four errors, so Wikipedia and Encyclopaedia Britannica are evenly accurate (“Wikipedia survives” par 10).
Third of all, Wikipedia can be updated more often than any encyclopaedia in book form. The main weakness of Wikipedia, the fact that anybody can add information to a page, can be turned into its strength. Every day, newspapers, television and other media report new information in the world. While a regular encyclopaedia in book form has to be printed all over again to add news, Wikipedia can simply be updated by one click. This way, also recent discoveries are

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