The Debate Of Nature And Nurture

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As we all know, the debate of nature and nurture is one of the oldest debates in the history of psychology. The argument between the two is concerned with whether behavior is inherited or acquired. Nature is behavior that is genetically inherited. Nature is thought of as pre-wiring because it is believed that we inherit our genes from our parents, therefore, our traits are directly linked to our behavior. Nurture on the other hand is behavior that is learned or acquired over time. Nurture is thought of as behaviorism which means that all behavior can be learned from the environment through conditioning (McLeod, 2007). It is common knowledge that several characteristics can be genetically inherited, such as eye color, hair color, straight hair or curly hair, pigment in the skin, and certain genetic diseases. Other characteristics that include weight, height, life expectancy, and vulnerability to certain illnesses, seem to be strongly influenced by genetic make-up. On the other hand there are environmentalists. Environmentalists assume that at birth the mind is completely blank and is gradually filled as a result of experience. Through this point of view psychological characteristics and behavioral differences that are emerging through infancy and into childhood are the result of learning. It is the way that you are brought up that determines the psychologically significant aspects of child development. Now it is understood why nature and nurture has been controversial for

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