The Debate Over Homosexual Couples

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A homosexual couple is a pair of two individuals of the same sex involved in an intimate and loving relationship. Homosexual couples want to be treated the same way as heterosexuals by fighting for their right to get married and also their right to have children. Because of the nature of their relationship, they cannot biologically have children together so their only option is to adopt. The debate over homosexual couples being able to adopt children is very controversial and is becoming a big issue in today’s society. Some believe that by allowing these couples to adopt, they intentionally deprive the children from either a male or female role models; the children will have more challenges in school compared to those raised by heterosexual couples; and, children will tend to have more homosexual behaviors themselves because of what they are exposed to at home. Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, stated at a debate on same-sex couple’s adoption held by CBS Detroit that “healthy development of a human child requires having the role model and the care of a mother and a father. It should not be the emotional needs of adults that drive the public policy. It is up to the adults to make sure we act in the best interest of the children” (Glenn). In this citation, Gary Glenn forgets the fact that one in four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent. This insinuates that those children do not have either a male or female
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