The Debate Over Nuclear Waste

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It is established that energy cannot be created nor destroyed and it could not be made out of nothing according the law of conservation of energy. The way that science explains the phenomenon of energy conservation is by portraying the conservation of energy as a physical transfer of energy between mediums through various forms such as heat, sound, and light. Since the discovery of fire in the early days of humanity, it can be understood that heat is the most versatile form of energy. On the expense of sacrificial physical matter, heat is produced particularly natural resource such as fossil fuels. While time progresses, the anticipated rate of decrease in fossil fuels has lead to the exploration of prospectively innovative long-term energy supplies. Nevertheless, like fossil fuels, injurious resources have professed many questions regarding the discarding of nuclear waste. This controversy paper will be mainly focusing on the question of whether nuclear waste can be disposed of safely.
Contrasting on the issues with fossil fuels, the depletion of nuclear resources cannot tangibly be consumed. Relatively when creating heat by utilizing fossil fuels, nuclear resources do not breakdown into individual byproducts for example, carbon dioxide and water. In contrast, electrical power plants use nuclear resources such as uranium and plutonium pellets. When these nuclear resources are used, they remain undamaged and become considered as consumed fuel once it reaches an industrial

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