The Debate Over Same Sex Marriage

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Today’s society is all about controversy, whether it is political controversy or social controversy, society thrives on it. What is more controversial in today’s society than same sex marriage? It is a topic that has battered Americans for decades, and just recently has it been decided that same sex marriage and relations is awarded by the constitution. Before this it was at states discretion whether or not to allow those of the same sex to marry. But, on June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that the constitution gave legal rights to same sex couples to marry in all 50 states where prior to that only 37 states had legalized same sex marriage. (Freedom to Marry Inc.) So, what about those 13 other states, how did they feel about this ruling? At least 5 of the 13 states whom had not yet legalized same sex marriage prior to the Supreme Court’s decision still denied marriage license access to same sex couples, those states included Tennessee, Utah, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. But this is not surprising as these state’s ideological standings are those of Republicans, whom are known to have traditional standing views by being against same sex marriage. Attorney generals in these states were still evaluating which actions to move forward with regarding lawsuits still backing their voter in place bans on same sex marriage in their states. Now some would see this as counterproductive in today’s society and the resistance to change due to traditional views which Conservatives

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