The Debate for Genetic Engineering Exposed in Gattaca Essay

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Gattaca brought about some interesting points on human evolution and human ingenuity. We live in a world where babies are left to chance and genetic metaling is frowned upon, but in Gattaca that idea is flipped. Society judges those who are left to God as inferior. How can one be judged for the decision of their parents? Science is moving into uncharted territory, where we might be able to create “super humans” as depicted in the movie. Gattaca revealed both the pros and cons of genetic engineering in science. Humans are not meant to alter Mother Nature, or they have to face the unnecessary repercussions. Parents should not be informed of their child’s life expectancy or percentage of diseases. The parents will live in fear of their …show more content…

It is completely unacceptable that one cannot be part of the “elite” because he or she was left to fate. The only characters in the movie that really stood out were Vincent, Jerome, and Irene. The other characters seemed to be in a daze. They were so focused on being serious and being the best, that they did not experience any fun. Some were so caught up in their job; they were unaware of what was going on, what society was turning into. They seemed to be on a set path and would not stray from it, but some did. Vincent changed the trajectory of his life, he decided to find purpose, to fight for something he cared about. He went from being the pariah of the community to being one of the best. He did this through hard work and persistence, while those that were gifted were automatically qualified for the position of their choice. Yes, Vincent broke the law to achieve his goal, but society was preventing him from reaching his full potential. When we care about something we fight so that we can get it and keep it. We do not let someone take what is ours. Human nature prevents us from that. Jerome was paralyzed from the waist down, but that did not deter him from providing Vincent a new life, where he could be what he had always dreamed of. Jerome let someone who was not accepted become accepted, to serve a purpose in life. Vincent’s doctor at Gattaca wanted to show Vincent that there is no gene for human strive; that all of us deserve

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