Essay on The Debate on Evolution as a Natural Process

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Evolution is said to have many definitions. There has been much debate over what the term actually means. To most, evolution is defined as a complex process of development over time. Evolution is a natural process. The topic of evolution is not at all simple or just black and white. It is a subject, which people have spent their whole lives studying. Not only is there biological evolution, there is cosmic evolution and natural evolution. We witness evolution every single day. It is the one thing that has connected us all since the very beginning of time. It is how we relate to our world’s history. Evolution, of course, is not something that simply applies to life here on earth; it applies to the whole universe. There are four basic…show more content…
Those birds could mate and create a whole new species of birds. That is gene flow. In the 1980’s, niche construction was introduced to biologists. Niche construction is the process where organisms change their own or others niches. They do this because of their everyday activities, their metabolism, and their environment. Again, this change can be good or harmful. It is a very important part of evolution. Niche construction is key if our world wants to learn about an ecosystem. With these findings, we will know what will survive and what will not. Our textbook asks, “Do you think that faith and science are compatible when assessing the scientific record regarding evolution?” This, just like the whole concept of evolution, is not simply black or white. In ways, faith and science have many similarities but there are also many differences. I think they are compatible because at the end of the day, the two have the same results. Somehow we all exist, we are the result. I do believe that those that think it is one or the other are wrong. There is so much debate and conflict about this relationship. Yet evolution and faith go hand in hand. The textbook touched on it and I think there was a very good point made. “God creates through the evolutionary processes.” This is a terrific way to few this issue. Yes, evolution can be proved. Every single day, scientists work to prove this phenomenon. However, where would our society be
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