Women's Role Of Women In Society

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Throughout history women have viewed as people who needed to fit the role that a man predestined upon them. From cultural expectations to media, women are portrayed by the need to express who they are. Women are getting affected mentally and physically due to stereotypes because women are being portrayed as the weaker link in society. Before the 20th century, women had no legal identity apart from their husbands’. The biological role of women, ‘to give birth to and take care of offspring’, was considered to be the main and only job of women. Women were not allowed to do labor-intensive work, as they were considered to be physically weak. While men were exposed to diverse career opportunities, women’s career opportunities were restricted to jobs related to the home. Women ran the household, undertaking domestic work and childcare themselves, as well as supervising the servants employed to cook, clean, and run daily errands. At times, women were not allowed to go outside the house for any reason unless it was approved by their husbands. They were denied any significant social and economic statuses (“Women’s”). “The increased interest in their social class position drove women to start a movement redefining their traditional roles in the society. This has been seen particularly through literature, when women began to vindicate their rights through writings. These writings outline the desire to redefine women’s role in marriage and society and opposition of the social norms

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