The Debate over the Plausibility of Irreducible Complexity Essay

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Irreducible Complexity

What is irreducible complexity? Michael Behe, the inventor of the term irreducible complexity, said it is ‘a single system which is composed of several interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, and where the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning.’ (Darwin's Black Box p39 in the 2006 edition) In English, irreducible complexity is a debate by proponents of intelligent design that specific organic systems are too complex to have evolved from simpler ancestors. It argues that natural selection can not explain irreducible complexity. Irreducible complexity is used to describe a trait of intricate systems where they need all their parts to function properly. …show more content…

Mendelian genetics was developed initially by Mendel. Through his pea plants experiments. he developed 3 principles of inheritance: the first being inheritance involves the passing of discrete units of inheritance, or genes, from parents to offspring, Second, during reproduction, the inherited factors (now called alleles) that determine traits are separated into reproductive cells by a process called meiosis and randomly reunite during fertilization. And third, genes located on different chromosomes will be inherited independently of each other. There are also neo-Darwinists. Evolutionists and neo-Darwinists think very similarly, except for one thing: neo-Darwinists believe that for macroevolution to occur there would have to be added information to the genetic code. They think that this can happen by mutation.
As a critical thinker, I do see a point or two from both sides of the arguments. I can see certain things do happened through mutations and natural selections, however, those mutations and natural selections can't possibly cross the "species" line. How can one argue that through millions and millions of years, humans have evolved from reptiles, or other less complex being? It has been proven through various cultures, religions, etc that humans have souls, whereas animals, especially those less complex ones don't? How can the "souls" be added through natural

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