What is Happening to Reading?

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Reading is very important, so important in fact that technology has advanced to the point where we can keep an entire library in our pocket. Readers have always been a very small population according to Bellow. Technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to log on to the internet, click on a book and download it and be able to read immediately. This is a very important advancement to the reading community as it allows them to have it readily accessible. Technology is only improving the ability and availability for people to read. “For Americans under the age of 30, film has replaced the novel as the dominant mode of artistic expression.” (Bellow 8). It may be true that many people prefer to watch a movie than read a book. But for the population that reads more than watching movies there is a huge market for authors to keep writing. Movies may also have an effect on getting people to read also. Over the years, many children’s books and teen books have become movies. Even books have been remade into movies time and time again. They may vary in quality, but the original books stay the same which keeps the booklovers coming back to the books. The future of books may also be dwindling with the availability of technology. The ease of access to online books and texts may eventually make physical books obsolete. But there will always be the small handful of people that love to have that physical book. Some people even collect books, maybe not to
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