The Decline Of Virtue Ethics In The Modern Society

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The Decline of Virtue Ethics in the Modern Society and Its Different Forms

The Modern Society

The modern society may be moving forward in terms of scientific and technological advancements yet as years go by, the development of ethics and morality tends to move backward. Due to our utmost fascination to material advancements, we tend to forget what truly matters. According to Smith (2014), the modern society rewards material progress while neglecting moral progress. As such, people of the modern age disregard moral and intellectual virtues as if they are a nuisance to their everyday lives. Furthermore, the society prioritizes other affiliations and pursues their own endeavors without considering the possible consequences that might arise due to their unethical or immoral practices. In addition, the modern society is heavily influenced by copious
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For instance, we allocate bigger budgets for science research and we give prestigious rewards to outstanding achievers in science. But society allocates far smaller amounts to advance moral interests or to reward moral achievers (Smith, 2014). Moreover, the decline of virtue ethics due to the flawed educational system is explicitly depicted through the immoral practices of the modern youth that they perceive as something worth bragging about or something that they consider as an achievement. The modern society also disregards ethics for the reason that they think it is something that is “old” or irrelevant for the modern setting. In lieu with the aforementioned statements, the educational system merely gives importance to the development of the sciences without taking to account the importance of ethical and intellectual virtues in the overall development of a
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