The Deficit College Students Face

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Deficit College Students Face Today the average college student spends eight hundred seventy four dollars on a nineteen unit college semester. Plus an average of five hundred dollars for their textbooks that semester. The numbers mentioned don’t even include health fees, parking passes, necessary at home tools, or the cost of living. How do you think college students pay for everything? Some students receive financial aid but the majority do not qualify for aid. Many students work part time jobs to afford everything but still have to juggle the responsibilities of bills they already have plus the outrageous cost of college. It seems like in today’s world, the cost of college keeps raising and raising forcing students into huge amounts of debt. O’Brien author of the article “A ‘necessary’ of modern life? A very expensive college education” shares the cost of attending Middlebury College in Vermont. O’Brien states that the cost in 1844 to attend Middlebury College was eighty-three dollars. That included tuition, room, library, and all other fees (1). In 1996-1997 the cost raised to twenty eight thousand dollars (1).. He also states that “….A Middlebury education is now over one hundred times more expensive” then compared to the cost in 1844 (1). O’Brien also mentions “Today 50 percent of the college-age population receives “postsecondary” institution” meaning half of our population attend vocational or training education(1). What about the other fifty percent? We suffer the
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