The Definition Of Culture As A Social State Of Being Among Others

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In every walk of life we are faced with individuals who present to us in a unique way, that we may not fully understand or comprehend who they truly believe they are. We are faced with people who come from diverse cultural backgrounds that ne may unintentionally stereotype at times. The word culture has for many centuries’ been defined and redefined with no consensus on the actual meaning of the word. But there are ideologies that all definition’s share that are: culture is a set of values and beliefs that are passed down from generation that individuals choose to identify with to mark themselves on a social state of being among others. A group of author describes the term as a “dynamic, fluid, ever-changing and complex force in the lives of individuals, groups, and communities (Huff, R., Kline., M. V., Peterson, D. V., a.d.). Due to the forever changing dynamics of this ideology is why scholars have had difficulties agreeing on one specific definition. The definition of culture becomes critically-intricate when the idea of health promotions, health education, and the use of communication as an intervention to health disparities is introduced into these unique cultures. It is without doubt that the United States has experienced throughout its history inequalities from racial tensions to current health disparities in rural and poverty parts of the country. Health disparities are inequalities that citizens and non-citizens alike face due to discrepancies of resources

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