The Definition Of Freedom In The United States

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Freedom Freedom has no universal definition; freedom is subjective by nature it means something different to everyone. For some freedom is physical such as wanting to free themselves from confinement. Physical freedom is most often sought by individuals seeking liberation from a controlling system such as prison or enslavement. This type of freedom is generally accepted as having the ability to move, eat, and live where you see fit without others permission. Physical freedom is the most simple and easiest type of freedom to grant; however, it is also often taken for granted especially in western societies. Being able to move from state to state or even country to country as seen in EU is a rarity in most of the world. This is especially true for women who in countries such as Saudi Arabia who “could not travel abroad without the approval of their male guardian.”(Amnesty …show more content…

Saudi Arabian women were just recently given the right to drive thus, expanding their physical freedom well, this looks like marginal progress compared to the west however, it's a huge step towards physical freedom for Saudi women. Freedom has also been used to oppress ironically for example the Saudi government has the “freedom” to sentence “a female rape victim was sentenced to 200 lashes for adultery” (Washington post) or the government's argument that women not being able to drive or purchase property frees them from responsibility. This example demonstrates that freedom does not always have a positive outcome; as the state has the freedom to physically abuse you by right of their laws. Dr.Peter Levine an Oxford professor calls this type of harmful freedom “negative liberty” in which a person or state can infringe on another's freedom through

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