The Definition Of Happiness In Porter's 'What Happiness Is'

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In the article “What Happiness Is’’, by Eduardo Porter, states his point of view about the definition of happiness. Gandhi states “Happiness is when you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” (qtd. in porter 459). In my opinion happiness can be described in many of ways from different individual’s point of view. My perspective of happiness is when you accomplish something in life, because makes you so proud of what you have done. Happy is something that makes you happy whether it’s a person, a thing or stuff and happiness is desired to be happy. Happiness is important role to maintain happy because without happiness the world would be different.
I agree with Gandhi's quote, because in my personal experience I think the same way about “What Happiness Is”. For example, my sister would argue about who would clean the house, but we would get into a conclusion. My sister and I settled the situation in harmony. I think the same way as Gandhi perspective about happiness is the way I think and what I do with my life. Another situation that happened in my life was that my brother and I had a disagreement about not taking out the trash so we found a way to fix the problem by having peace. Happiness can be anything life when you find peace with your family being together. In life, happiness can’t be describe sometimes because everyone has a different point of view of describing happiness. The quote relates to me because I have the same opinion about happiness in my

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