The Delegation Of The United States Of America Essay

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Global Summit Reflection Paper My role in the delegation of the United States of America was to act as the Ambassador. As the ambassador, my top priorities were to make sure our alliances were politically correct, and to represent the peaceful, secure, and rational aspects of the United States of America. These were my top priorities because, I wanted our alliances to resemble those of the actual United States of America. I also wanted to make a positive representation of our country so that other nations could look past our faults, and be willing to work with us. Overall I somewhat met these standards. I felt like I let my emotions blind me in completely meeting my priorities.
In the beginning, I envisioned that almost all countries would work with the United States, mainly for security and financial reasons. The countries Egypt, Ukraine, Argentina, and Israel worked with us in the beginning. I imagined that all of them would sign with the United States. But Egypt signed with Sudan, and Ukraine signed with Iraq and China. We also gained Pakistan as a new partner. My group and I also thought we would get Poland, but they also signed with Iraq and China. Another thing is that my country had more ICUs left than we expected. After my country broke the deal with Iraq, I had an inkling that they would align with China, and that happened.
My country did great. Our work ethic as a group was excellent. The weight of conducting the research was equally distributed within our group.

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