The Democrat Platform Committee Of Orlando Florida Doubletree Hotel, Dann Malloy

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During the Start of the Democrat platform committee in Orlando Florida doubletree hotel, Dann Malloy started by by running the national convention platform meeting. The committee went through 150 amendments were some were in the process of being withdraw. However, many have either already been debated or passed. The committee still have 80 amendments to process. Some that were still left included the affordable education, climate change, and clean energy to benefit the economy. Dan Molly gave remainder that the committee was there to bring American together to combat barriers. He Stated how everyone had valuable insight in what should be in the plat form. And how everyone should listen as much as they talk and talk as much as the listen. The fist person to speak was Edwin Lee the mayor of san Francisco he spoke about how we need to prepare are children for a future that is strong not hopeless. He spoke about how education policies support teacher and student preparing student for the 20 fist century. He believes in having children succeeded no matter what their zip code is. The conversation the moved to amendment 75 which was withdrawn. Amendment 170 was then brought up by Randy White who proposed to add the following “Every student should be able to go to college debt-free and working families should not have to pay any tuition to go to public colleges in university” A Sponsor speaker then Provide a unity amendment that higher education should be view at a highest…

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