The Department Of The Fire District

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The majority of the fire department in the United States are public agencies that their budget money primarily from taxation. In Arizona, fire departments depend on the taxation of the secondary assessed value of property. The health of the economy influences the amount of revenue generated through taxation, where the rise and fall of property values directly correlate to the fluctuation of tax revenue collected for fire department budgets. The Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD) is a public department that is a state agency because GRFD is a taxation district that provides service to an annexed jurisdiction instead of directly to a city or town. Arizona also has Rural/Metro (R/M), a private fire department owned by Envision Care. As a …show more content…

There are operation decisions made by the chiefs that directly impact the workforce. The OPFFA works with the administrators to ensure the decisions are fair and in the best interest of the operation and not for disciplinary reasons without appropriate documentation. The most recent operational decision was to rotate all personnel from their current stations and or shifts. The OPFFA worked with the administrators to compromise on the execution of this process. Instead of all members being placed by the Chiefs, only the officers were placed, the remainder of the workforce was able to choose stations and shifts based on seniority requests (N. Latini, personal communication, January 17, 2017). Before contract negotiations, the OPFFA took a survey to determine the priority of negotiable items were to the membership. Not surprising, wages and 401k matches were at the top of the list. The OPFFA then surveyed surrounding departments to determine equal wages for each department position and used this information to negotiate for significant pay increases for EMT firefighter and paramedic firefighters (N. Latini, personal communication, January 17, 2017). The most recent contract negotiations that occurred last year were different in the fact that Envision Care has a contract negotiation specialist that will only negotiate items guaranteed by law. An entirely new collective bargaining

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