The Dependence Effect

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The Dependence Effect. Choose 10 vocabulary words from the chapter, ten minimum Affluent-abundance of or having a great quantity of such as money. Deprivation-basic necessities that are lacking. Formidable-portraying respect or a fear of something because of its physical size. Frivolous-something that is not serious or valuable. Insatiable-something that cannot be fulfilled. Obtrusive-prominent or noticeable in an intrusive way. Pervious-penetrable or permeable. Plausible-a reasonable statement or argument. Prestige-admiration for someone or something based on the quality. Repugnant-something unacceptable or disgusting. B) 1. The text was written by John Kenneth Galbraith a Canadian born economist and proponent of American Liberalism.…show more content…
How it is a constant battle to accomplish something and once that is completed, you just expect more. It is easy to get lost in how difficult something might be to get accomplished and the constant want clouds how difficult something might be to obtain. C) 1. A need would be something required to survive such as food or water. A want would be something that attracts your attention or that you would like to have but is not necessary to survive. 2. From a seller’s perspective, a want is much more profitable. We take necessities like food and water for granted to some extent but a want such as a new pair of Jordans, a new Porsche 911 Turbo, or expensive jewelry is different. A seller of any of these items knows that they are very much sought after so the price can be higher. People are willing to pay more for something, the question would be how much more though. 3. A person who fulfills a wants only to want more may see whatever that is as an endless item. In the example given, someone who is addicted to drugs might require more of the drug to experience the same feeling. Humans are selfish in nature so when the want is filled the brain is programmed to want more and immediately we seek out ways to fulfill that again and again. Working for Verizon I see this all the time, the new Iphone 6 launches and people go out and buy it for ridiculous prices, enjoy it for 2 months and then they demand a new better, faster, Iphone again.
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