The Depletion of Energy Sources Due to Global Warming

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Energy represents an important aspect in our life for all living creatures. It was defined as the quantity that will be assigned to every particle, object and the systems of objects (Harper, 2007). Besides that, energy plays a fundamental role in the continuous development and the economic growth of every country. Meanwhile, the depletion of energy sources and the global climate change push the world to look for better solutions in the sustainable sources of energy (Dermirci and Miele, 2009).

1.1 Research Background

There are several energy resources such as petroleum, coal and natural gases that used widely in transportation and industry. Currently, petroleum is the major power and it is almost drained attributable to urbanization. This caused several phenomena such as air pollution, global environment problems and almost to climate change (Abdul Rahman, 2006).The world confronts the energy crisis attributable to depletion of energetic resources for the last few years. Thus, the consequences will be the significant increase of the environmental problems (Barnwal, 2005).
The widespread use of fuel in the current energy infrastructure was the largest source of anthropogenic emission of carbon dioxide, where it contributes the main responsibility for global warming and the finite supply of fossil fuels energy. Conventional energy sources based on oil, coal, and natural gas have been proven to increase the economic progress effect. However, this energy brings the negative

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