The Depth Of The Teacher 's Knowledge

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What does the evidence indicate about the depth of the teacher 's knowledge of the content?
1. Describe the content focus of the selected lesson and its importance in the overall context of the content area. (Rubric 1.2 B)
The focus of the content of this lesson was the Constitutional principle Federalism.
Federalism is the division of governmental power between a central government and several regional (state) governments.
Federalism explains what powers belong to the federal government, to the states and powers of which they act upon concurrently. Federalism lays out expressed, implied, and inherent powers of the federal government
Federalism explains and elaborates on the relationship between the states and the national government, and interstate relations.
Federalism is one of the six basic principles of the Constitution of which are necessary to understand in order to begin to discuss the rationale behind the Constitution as well as American Government as a whole. This unit involves the historical rationale the framers used to create the concept and expands into actual historical and current examples of Federalism. The concept allows students to understand how the government uses the Constitution in real situations. The Supremacy Clause, creates a hierarchy of government where no law can violate the Constitution. Full Faith and Credit, and Privileges and immunities Clauses that make sure individual states are cooperating with each other and do not act like

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