The Deregulation Of Energy Markets

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1. As BlueWater Power merged, changes were also occurring in Ontario’s energy markets that caused some issues. The deregulation of the market opened up many opportunities for the company; however, it first had to overcome many obstacles. For example, BlueWater had to overcome the challenges associated with the large scale merger of six local utilities. Another issue was that they had very limited IT resources throughout the deregulation process. Finally, they had to upgrade their outdated system. These were the obstacles present throughout the merger during Ontario 's deregulation of energy markets. A management factor was that responsible for the issues during the merger was combining the leaders of six organizations into one. BlueWater was now housing six major local utilities and had to find a way to manage and operate all of these utilities effective and efficiently without disturbing operations and cash flow. It was essential that management quickly combined the six organizations into one fully operational utility company, that could service more than 35,000 customers. An organizational factor was the small IT team that BlueWater had; there were only five employees trained with IT. This required the company to make sure that the ERP system they chose was easy to use and required little support, thus limiting their options for new ERP systems and potentially impacting the cost and sophistication of the system. A technological factor that contributed to the problems

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