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The film the descent uses a range of shots, sound, editing and symbolisation to create an ominous atmosphere; in effect this makes the horror aspect in the film really stand out as it leaves the viewer deciding what happens in specific parts of the film, which all ties in with the films ending.
This all makes the film very subjective and leaves much of the opening scenes open to interpretation which is very enticing for a horror movie.

The films opening sequence contains many things which symbolise the events in the movie and starts to define what genre the movie is, because the music is fairly ambient and deep suggesting danger which implies it’s a horror or a thriller movie. When the opening credits appear light effects illuminate …show more content…

Also in the final scene Sarah leaves Juno for dead to get revenge on what she did to Beth which also shows how what they are wearing indicates the loyalty aspect of their relationship. This subtle costume difference is very clever because even at the very start of the film characters are already being divided and given a specific role in the film to play.
Throughout the whole boating scene there are many different shots, edits, sounds and effects which make the whole scene upbeat and adventurous. A shot type which does this is the aerial (bird’s eye) view which in effect presents the tight squeezes in the waterfalls and the sheer size of the waterfall that they in. Also the edits in this scene are very fast keeping everything upbeat and to show how Sarah, Beth and Juno would be seeing things. These edits are also giving a very clear representation of white water rafting as a sport on a whole and that it is generally a very courageous, brave, adventurous thing to do. Through out the scene we see several shots of the little girl as if its Sarah’s point of view and she is looking at her keeping most of her attention on her showing that Sarah and her have a very strong emotional bond and yet again that the film is going to be a very female orientated film. There is one effect which is used in the

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