The Middle Ages A Period Of Three Divisions Essay

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The Middle Ages a period of three divisions in Western history. The Medieval period being at the center of the three divisions. A period which brought insecurities within the economic, judicial, social, and political spheres. Falling empires such as the Roman Empire increased the urge of society for protection, thus to also formed alliances in order for survival. One of the greatest and most dominant alliance among the empires became to be known as feudalism. The alliance in the feudal system organized the services and obligations; creating an amalgamation among the lower class peasants all the way to the upper class kings. Feudalism developed shortly after the military attacks and invasions of the north and east during the ninth and fifteenth century. Substantially, as a result of central authority being unable to perform its functions and prevent the rise of local powers with the fall of the Roman and Holy Roman empires in 476 C.E. New patterns of government and security needed to formed in order for survival and control. With the invasion of the Viking, Magyar and Muslim: people, crops, and animals became vulnerable and in desperate need for protection. Consequently, leading for the development of the feudal society, which provided a reciprocal network. A network where the better the service a person could render the more protection they would receive along with land ownership. Additionally, the system also created links for not only protection and land, but also a

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