The Design and Development of the Augment Australia App

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Augment Australia will be the Australian exhibition for the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. With the design and development of the Augment Australia app, it enables trigger images of unrealised projects to come to life, while incorporating three-dimensional augmented models, images, voiceovers and animations. The innovative technology is activated via smart devices, available for both Apple and Android phones. Perth based architecture team, Felix, is the curator behind the construction of the Augment Australia app. Felix is a company formed from members of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts (ALVA) from the University of Western Australia (UWA). “Felix was initially Daniel Juengling, who’s an ex student of University of WA and myself who started the business to look at how technology and architecture could be fused together. Both Dan and I were both really good with programming and software so we just thought that it’s a good business opportunity to see how we could fuse those two things together. Since then, we’ve won some competition and been shortlisted for some big projects. Subsequently, some new directors have come onboard so now, Romesh Goonewardene (Assistant Professor of ALVA), Craig McCormack and Matt Delroy-Carr (previous students of ALVA) are also the directors of Felix,” said Assistant Professor of ALVA, UWA and the creative director of Felix, Rene Van Meeuwen. Professor Van Meeuwen said Keith Reid, one of the top students of ALVA,
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