The Development And Development Of The Greek And Greek Empire

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The Roman Republic and Empire was one of the largest civilisations in the world. A significant question posed is how and why did the Roman Republic and Empire develop in the ways they did and interact with the Persian and Greek/Hellenic Empires? At the height of the Roman Empire it spanned across western Europe, and encompassed the entire Mediterranean. Lasting and developing through thousands of years, the Romans encountered and interacted with the Persian and Greek/Hellenic Empires. This included trading, co-existing, and going to war with one another. Although, originally the Roman Republic and Empire was first founded by the Etruscan people. Established in 753 BCE by a Etruscan colony on the River Tiber in Italy, the city was controlled by Etruscan Kings until 509 BCE. Whence the people rose up against the monarchy to establish the Roman Republic, and fought for control of central Italy for the next 30 years. (Dr David Lundberg, 2017, pp.6-7) Thus the Roman Republic became a contending force in Western Europe, and across the Mediterranean for the next 450 years. (J.M.Roberts & Odd Arne Westad, 2013, p.218) Instead of a king, two consuls and an assembly of elected magistrates were installed to rule the Roman Republic. Before a new set of consuls, and new magistrates were elected by the citizens each year. Additionally, legislative and consultative bodies were elected as Tribunes of the people, who managed the affairs of the government and managed conflicts that arose

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