The Development Of An Individual 's Identity

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The development of an individual’s identity although it varies among individuals usually requires both the primary and secondary level of socialization. Whether in intimate family circles or social institutions, the socialization process that occurs makes us who we are. On the basis of this, I will explain how agents in both primary and secondary socialization process has shaped the way I developed myself and how they will also continue to shape me throughout my life. I will do this by exploring some tenets of Charles H. Cooley Looking Glass Self, Erik Erikson Stages of Development and Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy and the Presentation of Self. In my analysis these theories are blended together to highlight their application in the development of myself.
Coming from a very supportive and stable family (and extended family), my needs as an infant were met, this allowed me to develop trust that people(especially family members) will always be there for me. The supportive environment enabled me to learn self-sufficiency and also gain confidence in line with Erikson’s first and second stages of development (Trust vs. mistrust and Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt). Although I experienced a positive psychosocial crisis in the first stage and during the early part of the 2nd stage, there was also a negative crisis that spilled into the 3rd stage (Carl & Belanger, 2015). As a Tongue sucking child, my family expected me to outgrow this during the later part of my Toddlerhood. Failing to

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