The Development Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Otoplasty. Rhinoplasty. Liposuction: adults are not the only ones resulting to plastic surgery to maintain or enhance their appearance. Many people are riveted by the fact that at the age of fifteen years old, Jen Selter had plastic surgery because of her “large” nose (Victoria). Caitlin Clemons, age eighteen, had surgical breast augmentation in order to “fulfill” her self- esteem (Victoria). These cases are what have shifted natural beauty to the idea that reflection is everything. The development of cosmetic surgery has evolved from the need to repair gross deformities to changing perfectly normal appearances. In today’s society, the priority is placed on the ability to appear youthful and vibrant. The phenomenon urged by the media is expressing that if a female is not young, beautiful, or the ‘correct’ weight, then they are deemed socially unacceptable. Teens face a great deal of stress to keep up with society’s definition of “attractive”, and they are constantly bombarded with images of unrealistic men and women who are held as the social norms. Needless cosmetic surgery for young, developing women is misleading girls to have a false sense of identity, to risk their lives, and to have a continuous stereotype of the “idealized” woman. When understanding plastic surgery, general knowledge is needed in order to interpret its basic concepts. “Plastic surgery is surgery that deals with sculpting, molding, and reshaping the body in order to improve a patient’s self- image
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