The Plastic Generation (Persuasive Speech on Child Cosmetic Surgery)

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The Plastic Generation

Famous actress and model Patricia Heaton once said “Plastic surgery is like the big elephant in the Hollywood living room,” (Brainy Quotes). For celebrities, a plastic surgery operation is just another trip to the doctor’s office. After all, in this day and age, image is everything. We see this in high profile professions, and in large cities across the country. However, recently in Beverly Hills, California, girls as young as 16 are getting nose-jobs as a “Right of Passage” to fit in. This is a trend that has moved beyond the big city, and with 250,000 teens getting cosmetic surgery a year, it’s becoming all too normal. Bullying, media, and just plain vanity are causing children and teens everywhere to go under …show more content…

But little do they know that cosmetic surgery is not the answer - it can be dangerous, addicting, and unhealthy, especially if practiced on people of a young age (Stressing).
Deep down, media can be very dangerous. The average American has up to 272 un-concious advertisement sightings a day (Henderson, Adams, Miller). Even magazines like Cosmo are advertising cosmetic surgery and other beauty tricks that may have negative effects in later life. But although they may support cosmetic surgeries, most of the images in their magazines or billboards are photoshopped (Dove Evolution). Photoshop is the photo-editing software that can be used to change your looks completely. The images you see in magazines are not always what they seem. Although this can be a dangerous illusion to teens, foundations like Dove are campaigning for women to have confidence in their natural beauty and self esteem. A solution that Dove promotes, is to talk to your kids before the beauty industry does (Beauty Pressure).
Media, though, is not the only reason young adults are wanting plastic surgery. Most adolescent procedures are influenced by bullying of their physical appearance. 14 year-old Nicolett Taylor from New York, and 7-year-old Samantha Shaw from South Dakota, both had features that caused them torment at school. Nicolett hated her nose, while Samantha was bullied for her ears that stuck out. Once reaching middle school, Nicolette began

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