The Development Of The Abrahamic Religions Over Time Is

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The development of the Abrahamic religions over time is due to the splintering and the beliefs of many people concerning the deity status of some of the profits, this leads to a differing in the value placed upon the teachings of said profits. The development of Catholicism and Islam led to the differing in opinion on many issues and the religious commentary provided by St. Augustine in Confessions and in the Islamic religious text, the Qur’an. These texts, both deal with many particular topics that overlap a particularly decisive subject is that of human nature and this is down to tone key concept that is central to many discussions and explanation in both texts, Original sin. The existence of original sin is central to many religions and …show more content…

The explanation given by Augustine is that these are clear examples of original sin and the inherent nature of humans since as children begin to age these behaviors slowly dwindle and become almost nonexistent in adults as in normal society such actions would be looked upon harshly. “Yet we look leniently on such things, not because they are not faults, or even small faults, but because they will vanish as the years pass. For, although we allow for such things in an infant, the same things could not be tolerated patiently in an adult.” (Augustine). The reverence in the text is apparent when Augustine states that this is clearly by a divine creation and although sin is a human creation, humans gain wholeness and purity by following the scriptures. Then Augustine continues by begging forgiveness for that portion of his life, but feels the responsibility for this lies with no one, as he had no consciousness of his wrongdoing. This is a belief that holds strong today in the Catholic Church and draws to the original commentary of Augustine. The ideology has developed over time and modern teaching states that it has no discernable trait, for example, temper tantrums, but instead is the lack of holiness gained by those who seek it in baptism. “Although it is proper to each individual, original sin does not have the character of a personal fault in any of Adam 's descendants. It is a

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