The Development Of Women 's Rights

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Growing up in today’s world is very different than it has been in the past. Society has changed in many aspects to give young girls a way to build their own identity. First, women now have more power in the workforce than they did in the 1950s. Second, young females have more opportunities to express themselves to find their true social identity, through aggressive feminism or normative feminism. Finally, how the impact of the nature vs. nurture debate to help persuade a child’s choice in building of their identity. Girls growing up today have more variety of opportunities than girls many years ago. One impact of a change in society, for example, was the development of women’s rights. Before World War II women were expected to take care of the home and family by cleaning and cooking. Women were expected to follow the image of a “perfect housewife” because it was said that women could not keep a job and would never achieve equality (Sink, 2008). The perfect housewife image was advertised by magazines as well as on television to promote women to keep the family happy and together, and it was considered the only job women could handle. Men on the other hand, were expected to go to an everyday job to make the money to support the family. During World War II women were known to leave the perfect housewife lifestyle and start joining the workforce. The cause of women going into the workforce was to keep supporting their families while their husbands were fighting for the

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