The Development of Social and Healthcare Systems in the UK

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Social and health care is one of the most important areas of attention in the modern world today. As human beings, we all have been or will be in need of some sort of care in our lives. Old age is a particularly prevalent aspect of care that has received considerable attention in the literature and the press. Other examples of perpetual care needs include mental illness sufferers and those with chronic physical conditions. In the UK, the development of social and health care systems have been considered among the best in the world. Throughout the country, a large amount of systems and resources have been made available to take care of those in need of such services across the country. When considering the situation of care in the UK today, it is clear that much has been done to improve the situation of those in need today. At the same time, however, significant challenges are faced by those in care professions and in the care system. He involvement of professionals and citizens in the local context will have a significant effect on the way in which care and needs interact and are understood by care giving professionals. The provision of social care is one of the primary concerns of the UK government (Johnson and De Sousa, 2008). Indeed, the New Labour government, since its election in 1997, has begun to implement a more choice-based function within the social and health care systems across the country. Financial grants were then awarded according to the choices made by

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