Essay on The Importance of Assisted Living

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Taking care of the individuals that are getting older takes many different needs. Most of these needs cannot be given from the help of a family. This causes the need of having to put your love one into a home and causing for the worry of how they will be treated. It is important for the family and also the soon to be client to feel at home in their new environment. This has been an issue with the care being provided for each individual, which has lead to the need of making sure individuals have their own health care plan. Assisted living is an effective type of care facility programmed towards helping older individuals with their increasing disabilities. “The fit between individual capacity and the availability of satisfying activities…show more content…
ADL’s aid in making the person appear and feel more independent. In the experiment, the hypothesis was described to show the outlooks on care that the authors were trying to prove adequate or inadequate. The purpose of this quote is to show that the prediction will lead to older people being able to complete everyday tasks, since they are being provided the chance, given that their health is more stable.
Assisted living helps each person value life to its fullest potential. When it comes to making an older individual feel more at home and also be able to focus more on non-stressful activities, they need to be ensured the best care. “Families feel more confident and are less ‘protective’ when there is continuity in staff and they are deemed competent. Staff are more likely to be retained where they feel valued”2 part of the quote which is especially conducive to the argument is, “where they feel valued.” When picking and choosing a nursing home that fits individual the best, and will provide them with the care needed, it is important to make sure that everyone is valued in the process. This quote is important because if the workers are not being taken care of, then they are less enthusiastic and also less likely to give someone’s loved one the care needed and to know what is expected from them. It is assumed that when picking an assisted living home, that the well being of the person and also many other characteristics are taken into

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