The Developmental Impact Of Technology On Today 's Society

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The Developmental Impact of Technology on Today’s Society
Society has become slaves to technology. Our society depends so greatly on technology that we have lost the ability of face to face communication. Nowadays all you see are people with their face stuck in their phones or latest gadgets and being oblivious to the world. The obsession and need to use technology affects every developmental stage. The affect starts at the young age of infancy and continues into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It may have a greater effect on one developmental stage over the other, but it is clear the technology effects even the youngest child. A person may not see an infant as being able to be affected by technology but with all the technological advances in today’s world even infants are impacted. Imagine looking around and seeing a cute baby and their mother, but something is different, the baby is occupied by a bright lit touch phone instead of a baby toy and the mother is paying no attention to the infant. This a much more common sight today than it was 15 years ago. Mothers are occupying their infants by handing them their iPhones or android devices instead of playing with them. This is taking away from the infants learning. Parents would rather calm a fussy baby by giving them a phone or tablet rather than actually trying to calm them down. According to Dr. Jim Taylor (2010) “when children get bored, cranky, or bothersome, their parents immediately give them their iPhone,
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