The Developmental Period Of A Child Was Truly Misunderstood

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For many years of human history, the developmental period of a child was truly misunderstood. The mind of a developing child was thought simply to be a miniature model of the fully developed engine of thinking. It is often hard to remember the earliest stages of the human development process. However, revered researchers like Jean Piaget, John Kohlberg, and Erik Erikson have made extensive efforts in observing the different stages of human development. In punctuating these stages, the consensus has demarcated the expanse of human growth into four major stages: Infancy (birth-2 years), Preschool (3-6 years), Middle Childhood (7-12 years), and Adolescence (12-18). The specific contributions made by the Psychologists above mentioned …show more content…

The extent of my life socially was completely dependent on the relationship between me and my caretakers. According to Erikson, this is understood as a period of trust and mistrust, deeming me as completely reliant on whoever is responsible for me to provide, invoking trust, or to neglect, causing a sense of mistrust. But while I was coming along physically, cognitively, and socially, I was also beginning to establish an understanding of the world morally. By the standards of Kohlberg, this span of my life falls comfortably within the preconventional stage of development. This asserts that I justified my actions on the sound principle of obedience and punishment, meaning that the sole motivation for my actions was founded on avoiding punishment or seeking praise and were not any deeds done by my own rationale. Now I certainly cannot attest to remembering this stage of my life, developmentally, as I grow older, the more that I can remember to this day.
The next stage of life that I passed through can be categorized as the Preschool period and lasts for the ages of 3-6 years old. Throughout these years, I continued to refine my motor skills and was very interactive with my environment because of my further advanced mobility. The physical development of children in this stage is known to taper off but still be quite apparent, which aligns quite similarly to what was described to

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