The Diamond Dream Essay : Believe In The Diamond Dream

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believe in the diamond dream. Emphasis on how many times one of the men who is in charge of the why people begin lives together calls the facade of the diamond merely a dream that people believe in. By the logic of the C.E.O., if it’s just a dream, why do we believe in it?
While the tradition is in fact not that ancient, every woman that wears that ring has a detailed story behind it. Whether the story is something out of a romance novel that has no choice, but to pull out “aws” and tears or like my parents where my father proposed to my mother at the place they met; in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, it’s priceless to people. The similarities between the feelings of proposal and finding a little black box in your partner’s pocked that didn’t end up belonging to you are this: no price that can pay them. But, somehow, people have found a way. A way out of the guilt, but more importantly, out of a divorce by giving in excess. What I knew to be true about giving gifts like these, specifically of the diamond kind, only existed in films, books, and the women my aunt lives near in upper middle class, white picket fence palaces. No one in a million years would want to believe that the one thing we as humans are certain of, that being love, could be bought. The De Beers made it so. They allowed a space for people to think that maybe, it could work. Because after all, when you buy a De Beers diamond, you’re allowed a forever.
Mid way through my research, I came across a thriving

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