The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank and Hannah Arendt are two prominent female names that arise when one thinks of the Holocaust. Each of these Jewish woman had a very unique experience during this grim time, one a bright-eyed, young girl who was forced to go into hiding, the other a philosopher that managed to escape. However each pondered the workings of the brutality going on around her, and put it into words. Frank and Arendt each discuss their views on human nature in the face of the Holocaust in their works. In this paper, I intend to discuss each woman’s view, and then discuss how such a similar viewpoint can be supported in two very different ways.
The Diary of Anne Frank is a personal work written by the young Anne Frank herself. The book is not a work of fiction, rather, it is Frank’s real life account of her experiences during the atrocities of the Holocaust as a Jew. She tells her story through entries in her diary, which she refers to as her best friend throughout the book. Because of their Jewish beliefs, Frank and her family had to go into hiding in order to escape harm from the Nazi party, and the majority of entries revolve around this time spent in what they called “the Secret Annex”. Frank’s diary was published by her father after her death in the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen in Germany because in her diary she often wrote of dreams of becoming a published author.
Though she was merely thirteen years of age when she began writing her diary, Frank’s ideas are incredibly…

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