The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne’s Relation to Modern Music
A multitude of people nowadays choose their favorite songs because of how they sound and the attractiveness of the singer. However, some people select their favorite songs because of its appeal by relating to their personalities and feelings. Just as songs can relate to people, they can express countless similarities with stories as well. When it comes to the story, The Diary of Anne Frank, there are a variety of characters and events that songs can relate to. The songs “Chocolate Rain”, “The Last Goodbye”, and “Lost Cities”, verbalize numerous commonalities with The Diary of Anne Frank. Expressing the discrimination African Americans faced, “Chocolate Rain” relates to the Diary of Anne Frank because they both display the unfair treatment of a type of person. A verse within this song reads, “Say it publicly, and you’re insane,” refers to the ill treatment the Africans faced, but can just as well relate to the Jews. Particularly, while under persecution from the Nazis, the Jews’ political and moral beliefs were disregarded by everyone around them. Additionally, this lyric can also relate to how Anne acts with adults. An example of this occurs within the first scene of the second act when Anne says, “What’s the good of that? What’s the good of thinking of misery when you’re already miserable? That’s stupid!” Oftenly, the adults will see these thoughts as insane and respond as Mr. Van Daan does, “She talks as if we started the war! Did we start…

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