The Diet Of Vegetarian Diet

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Vegetarian Diet Aids In Combatting Preventable Disease
Recently, there has been a lot of debate about vegetarian diets. Many people are switching their diets to reap the health benefits; “Surveys in the United States have estimated that nearly 30 million people eat diets that are largely or entirely meat-free” (Harvard Health Letter 6). This essay will peel away the layers of wool surrounding a vegetarian diet and answer if it provides a better quality of health. In the Science Teacher published article “Health Wise,” the writer Stephanie Liberatore expands on the proper nutritional approach to eating as a vegetarian and a vegan, and analyzes the benefits involved in this type of diet. While the article “Considering a Vegetarian Diet: Is Meat-Free Really Better?” published by the Harvard Health Letter stresses the many health related benefits that are improved by following a vegetarian diet. Research on diets emphasizes the importance of consuming plant based food. Eating a vegetarian diet is healthier and can prevent cancer, type two diabetes, and eliminate heart disease.
Recent studies suggest that cancer could be largely eliminated if one is willing to shift their mindset from the fast food rich environment that surrounds society today to a more traditional plant based diet. In the article “Health Wise,” Liberatore uses evidence from the American Dietetic Association stating “If [a vegetarian diet is] approached correctly, it can offer several health benefits” and a…
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