The Difference Between A Eighteen Year Old And A Years Old

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What’s the difference between a fifteen-year-old and a sixteen-year-old? Freedom. At the age of fifteen, you’re given the training wheels needed to reach freedom; also known as your permit. Nothing is as cool to a fifteen-year-old as driving your mom and dad around for the first couple of months. The roles have finally been reversed. Mark Wahlberg says it best in the Other Guys, “I’m a peacock and you gotta let me fly.” Getting your permit is the first step to reaching the ultimate goal: getting your license. At the age of sixteen, your training wheels are taken off and your journey to independence has started. To some, this might sound easy. From personal experience, I can say it’s not. You have to endure hours of studying, practicing, and even tests. In the end, the hard work is worth it. You are achieving the goal that every kid looks forward to. Driving isn 't a task that anyone can just start doing. Driving a 3 ton vehicle that can take someone from point A to point B in no time isn’t easy. The first step into becoming a driver, like the first step when building something, is reading the manual. The magazine sized directional discusses common traffic laws, how to park a car up or downhill, and how driving a car works in general. I remember when I was first starting to research about getting my license, I was extremely overwhelmed with the amount of reading I was going to have to do. However rather than getting scared and backing down, I remained dedicated and faced

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