The Difference Between Hospital And Hospital

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Payal Otia
Professor Della Corna
English M02
4 October 2017
Live or Die
Hospital and clinic are two types of health care system that are undeniably different from each other. However, both institutes, differ due to the differences in their nature. Clinic is health center consulting private room beginning with a physician. A hospital is place where the sick and injured are taken for treatment. The doctors and nurses are readily available there for attending on their patients. They are employed by the hospitals to nurse the sick back to health.
Both hospital and clinical have big differences between each, some examples include: Size- clinicals are smaller than hospitals and hospitals are larger than clinicals and, Staffs- clinicals are always runned by few practitioners and hospital has many doctors, nurses and other medical techs. However, clinical mainly treats outpatients and, are not open twenty four hour a day. Whereas hospitals treats both inpatients and outpatients with open service of twenty four hour a day. Clinicals are not provided with more departments whereas hospitals concludes of different departments with different treatments.Deaths take place in the hospitals. On the other hand, deaths do not take place in the clinics. “Even if a patient comes in a serious condition, the doctor at the clinic quickly transfers him to the nearby hospital” (Difference between). Clinics normally do not have emergency kits. On the other hand, all hospitals have emergency kits
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