The Difference Between Online And Traditional Class Vs. Online Learning

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As modern technology rapidly progressing, it is also making a huge impact in our lives
Especially of the way we learn. We have choices to either attend traditional classes in an actual
Classroom, or attend online class that gives us an opportunity to enjoy the comfort of our home
While doing school assignments. Although having slight similarities, a traditional class and an
Online class differences are astonishing. These types of learning demand attention from teachers,
And have equivalent method of evaluation. Though, these types of learning can be differentiate
Through attendance and communication. Attendance is the first differentiation between an online and traditional class. In traditional
Class, teaching and learning needs a pre-established location that enable students to learn
Comfortably but this limit the number of students that can study at the same time. Some learning
Institutions has some limitations on number of students that are allowed to attend the class.
Furthermore, traditional class is not flexible as it mandatory for the teachers and students to meet
At a pre-establish location at a given time. As an example, students in traditional class are
Responsible to attend the class to satisfy attendance requirement. Therefore students with full
Time job will have trouble balancing their off time to attend traditional class. In contrast, some institution allows unlimited number of students to attend online class that
Only requires

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