The Differences Of U.s. And South Korean Educational Systems

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The differences of U.S. and South Korean educational systems and the enhancement of U.S. education

Education, if looked at beyond its traditional sense, forms the fundamentals of our daily lives. How we act and what we believe are based upon the knowledge we gain through instruction and knowledge. Thus it’s simple to conclude that education has become the very key to a sustainable development of a nation. At a smaller scale, each individual 's future is also dependent upon their levels of education, such as: the amount of income, social status, and is also a strong predictor of attitudes and wellbeing(Easterbrook et al). Such a concept is globalizing around the world, and more countries are starting to recognize the …show more content…

Marc Tucker, president and CEO of the National Center on Education and the Economy claims at South Korea(Choi), students have been taught that the only way to climb socioeconomic ladder and to find secure work is through examinations(Choi). Being taught to aim and achieve the impossible at a young age, the Koreans have attained some extraordinary achievements, including 100 percent adult literacy and are at the leading position on international comparative tests such as SAT(Choi). However, such accomplishments come with an expensive cost, students are constantly under immense stress to study, perform, and failures are no options for them. According to Elizabeth Shim, a freelance journalist who specializes on Korean affairs, the suicide rate in South Korea has become the leading cause of death with a horrifying number of 7.8 per 100000 for teenagers from age 15 to 24, and the number is still growing(Shim). This perfectly demonstrates the set of principles which the Korean people are trying to teach their next generation, work hard and diligently, which is the only road toward success. With no doubt, growing up with constant competitions, failures, and more competitions, the Korean model has taught the students how to work hard and how to persist(Ripley, 199). However, these statistics are merely numbers, how exactly would they

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