The Different Levels Of Law Enforcement

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The Different Levels of Law Enforcement in the United States There are three different level of law enforcement within the United States who penalizes citizens who violate them. These agencies include federal, state, and local law enforcement who conducts operation on different levels. Each law enforcement agency is assigned specific duties within their jurisdiction. In order to maintain peace and order within the United States law enforcement officers are called to duty to serve day in and day out to protect public safety. Some believe that law enforcement is unorganized. However, these different agencies aide each other in certain situation to makes sure the mission is accomplished. For example, there are wide ranged federal law enforcement agencies that operate within the United States and Internationally. They include the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Department of Homeland Security,…show more content…
I do not think that there should be a specific duty which should be assigned to any agency. They should maintain cooperation with each other in order to maintain balance and order with their respective duties in law enforcement.
I think the multiple layers of police agencies within the United States benefits and provides better outcome for the community as a whole. This has allowed some communities to gain the police trust making it a part of the solution. However, a regional police force which would include different participants from all communities could be useful during certain cases. For example, a drug dealer is wanted in one city and is known to operate elsewhere within the state. The local law enforcement has a lead but cannot execute a warrant based on the limitation of the authority it has. A special organized crime unit (regional) could be assembled including the different officers from all communities to serve this

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