The Different Ways to Tame a Shrew in Kiss Me Kate and The Taming of the Shrew

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There is not only one method to tame a shrew and the movies Kiss Me Kate and The Taming of the Shrew prove that this is true. The question is, which method is more effective, and which method truly succeeds in taming the shrew. To decide which method is the better of the two, the audience has to look deeper into the methods of Fred and Petruchio. They must study the approach of each of the tamers by deciding whether their approach is physical or psychological, honest or deceitful. They must also look at the other methods that each tamer uses and take into account their motives for taming. When all of these aspects are considered, Fred’s method of taming is obviously the better of the two because it results in a shrew that has truly been tamed. The methods that Petruchio uses to tame Katerina in the movie The Taming of the Shrew are simply not effective. By the end of the movie the audience has to ask themselves; is Kate actually tamed or is she just putting on an act? Judging by Kate’s actions it is easy to see that she is in fact not tamed, and is only trying to please Petruchio. When Kate has her speech about how women should treat their husbands, one gets the impression that it was not very sincere. Just by the tone of her voice it seems that Kate is just saying what Petruchio and the others want to hear. Who can blame her? Petruchio’s methods of attempting to tame Kate took a toll on her emotionally and physically. His methods simply sent her to the edge of insanity
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